10 Ways to Boost your Brain Power

brain picture

People often mistakenly think that intelligence is something you are born with and stuck with the rest of your life but you can increase your brain power by following some of the tips below!

Increase your Vitamin-B Intake

You can find B Vitamins in wholegrains, leafy greans and dairy foods. B Vitamins play a critical role in neurotransmitter production and maintenance.


Stress can actually be damaging to the brain. It can cause a buildup of cortisol which can affect your memory and cognition. Be sure to schedule regular breaks during your work day.

Take a Brain Supplement

Supplements like Cerebral Success SmartX have been shown in clinical studies to have relatively dramatic effects on the brain. Most in the regions of focus and memory. Click here to read the whole SmartX review.

Challenge yourself

You can stretch yourself mentally through critical thinking and reasoning. Learning a language, playing sudoku, or a crossword puzzle are great examples of activities that require you to stretch yourself mentally and boost brain power.

Play Games with Others

Chess, checkers, and poker are just a few to get you going. Playing games with other people involves a great deal of strategy, rational and critical thinking. Watching a trivia show is another way to exercise your brain power.

Learn a New Hobby

Learning something new creates new neural pathways inside the brain. The brain actually changes depending on what you learn, therefore, learn to do something new!

Exercise for half an hour daily

Exercise helps open up your veins and deliver oxygen to your brain. More oxygen to the brain means better functioning memory, processing and reaction speeds.

Take care of your health

Your brain is a permanent resident of your body. When your body isn’t healthy your brain won’t be either. Be sure to take care of your body to avoid diseases like heart disease and diabetes that can have an affect on your brain power.


Reading is an extremely helpful tool for expanding the power of your brain. Reading improves your mental fitness by boosting creativity and mental processing necessary to translate words on a page into thoughts.

Spark interesting conversations

Talk with friends about every topic. People with differing opinions from your own might help you to see things differently and draw connections between unlikely topics. This is extremely important for developing new neural pathways in the brain.

Learn to work with your hands

Working with your hands can be woodworking, sewing, or mechanics. These activities help you to stay moving and develop good spatial awareness and they also contribute to you learning how to reason as many of these activities require putting things together from scratch.

If you follow this list of 10 ways to boost your brain power you’ll see a dramatic change in the way your brain performs if you put these things to use on a regular basis.